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Robots in schools

New studies focus on using Robots in schools. Robots teach kindergarden kids language, Robots in Japan make classrooms kid friendly, and in the USA, robots safeguard schools and protect against shootings.

Robot illustration by Fact-Zap

Robots may soon walk around school campuses, watching and tracking humans.

Robots for Surveillance

Unlike teachers or security guards, robots are on duty 24x7. They can cover blind spots missed by CCTV cameras. They walk around the school campus, looking for weapons and aggressive behavior. In case a shooting incident happens, robots can record live videos, discourage shooters by aiming laser beams, alert security, and track shooter movements in real time. Currently on trial in the USA state of New Mexico, these robots may become a common sight in schools.

Making schools accessible

Robots are helping study from home children return back to classrooms.
In Japan, robots walk around the classroom, video streaming a live view of the class to students studying from home. They relay students questions to the class, and make students feel part of the class. It is the latest effort to bring back children to classrooms. It encourages participation in real time classroom sessions, without making students feel nervous or anxious. These robots can walk around school, relaying play time and other activities. They encourage home schoolers to physically attend school and feel comfortable in classrooms. Many have been away from school starting from the Covid pandemic.

Robot teachers

Robots are assisting teachers with language lessons.
They make students practice repetative lessons. Language and maths lessons involve repetations and regular practice. When robots take over this task, it frees up teachers who focus on more intense subjects and lessons. Robots are programmed to customize lessons to match different learning styles. It is proving to be a success with younger children. Robots have become the new teaching aid that makes class interesting.

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