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How long do pencil writings last ?

When you write with pencil, traces of graphite stick to paper. Graphite is long lasting. It last hundreds of years, longer than paper.

Charcoal is much more crumbly than graphite. Charcoal rock paintings dating back 30,000 years are seen in Australia, Africa and Asia.


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Name the era

Name the period in which reptiles ruled Earth ?

Super continent "Pangaea" split up in this period.

Hint :
It is made of 3 periods, including the Jurassic period .

Answer : "Mesozoic Era"

Era in which reptiles like dinosaurs and crocodiles rules the Earth.

It comes from the greek word for middle (meso) and animals (zoion), meaning period of the middle animals.

It extended from 252 to 66 million years ago. During this era, continents started splitting and moving.

Learn a new word - BUTTRESS

BUTTRESS (but-res) is any structure that supports a wall. It is seen in historic buildings with high walls.

Buttess was made of wood, bricks or steel. They were triangular in shape. They were built against walls for additional strength. Beams and Arches were also called buttress if they gave additional support for a wall.

From Old French 'bouterez', meaning thrust or support. 'Ars-bouterez' in old french means supporting-arcs.


Space Junk Trivia

Space Junk is debris from past space missions -- like old satellites and space crafts.

◉ Space has 2040 discarded rocket parts.
◉ Space has 2800 dead and defunct satellites
◉ Oldest known debris is a launch rocket sent in 1958.
◉ Space junk travels twenty times faster than a bullet.
◉ ISS has dodged space debris more than 30 times.


Neodymium -- Nd

"Rare Earth Metals" are a group of 17 elements.
Inspite their name, they are quite plentiful on Earth. But, scattered and mixed with other elements.

NEODYMIUM, (and other rare earth metals) is used in gadgets like lasers, microphones, loud speakers, DC motors, computer hard disks and electric generators.

NEODYMIUM magnets are strong enough to attract 1000 times their own weight. A lot of magnetic power is packed in to a small neodymium magnet. Read more...

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