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Are beaches home to tiny animals ?

Tiny animals live between sand grains in beaches. They feed on algae, sea weeds and organic waste.

Cleaning beaches with machines remove not only plastic but algae and sea weed too. It affects small animals, along with birds and fish who feed on them.


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Light up the world

Name the event caused by charged particles clashing with atmospheric gas.

It happens over the night sky near the North Pole.

Hint :
They are wavy bands of green light with tints of pink/red.

Answer : "Aurora borealis"

Aurora borealis, called Northern lights, lights up the North Pole.

Aurora australis, called southern lights, lights up the South Pole.

Both are caused by protons and electrons from the Sun. They emit light when they clash with Earth's protective magnetic field.

Learn a new word - ACOUSTICS

ACOUSTICS (aku-s-tiks) is the science related to sound waves.

It is the study of sound waves travelling through solids, liquids and gas. Acoustics has branches like Bio-acoustics, Ultrasonics, Underwater acoustics. Acoustics is used in music, architecture, medicine, and nature conservation.

From Greek word 'akouo', meaning to hear. Related to the latin word, acousticus.


Space Junk Trivia

Space Junk is debris from past space missions -- like old satellites and space crafts.

◉ Space has 2040 discarded rocket parts.
◉ Space has 2800 dead and defunct satellites
◉ Oldest known debris is a launch rocket sent in 1958.
◉ Space junk travels twenty times faster than a bullet.
◉ ISS has dodged space debris more than 30 times.


Neodymium -- Nd

"Rare Earth Metals" are a group of 17 elements.
Inspite their name, they are quite plentiful on Earth. But, scattered and mixed with other elements.

NEODYMIUM, (and other rare earth metals) is used in gadgets like lasers, microphones, loud speakers, DC motors, computer hard disks and electric generators.

NEODYMIUM magnets are strong enough to attract 1000 times their own weight. A lot of magnetic power is packed in to a small neodymium magnet. Read more...

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